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There are many Van Life Events around the country. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend all of them. I have attended the Van Life Event in Asheville North Carolina and it was fantastic. It is not a free event but it is a small investment you can make when researching what you might want to purchase. You will probably get addicted to it and continue to go to the yearly event like I did. It is not expensive. I believe it cost $40 for the weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday Evening) for both my wife and myself. You can’t even go to a decent restaurant for that price. There was music and informative speeches about all kinds topics such as solar energy, cooking tips, and how to get more out of the experience. There was a concession stand area that had great food and assorted beverages. There was a lot of vans ranging from antiques to new…… and lets just call them….. personalized traveling stuff???

The personalized traveling stuff included everything from school buses converted into homes to….. a decommissioned cold war era missile control center completely decked out to be a luxury home!

Decommissioned Cold War Era Missile Control Center Converted into Luxury Home

There are Van Life Events all over the United States. They are a ton of fun and I recommend finding one near you.

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I hope you join in on the adventure!

Chip Hawk

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