Archaeology Event

Side Quests – In the Archaeology Event, there are side quests. Many events have side quests that win things that get you closer to the main prize (Scrolls, Lanterns, Etc). This year you can win lanterns. Activate the the tablets as soon as you can so that you can kill two birds with one stone while working on the main quest line.

Video describes what side quests are and how to get to them.

Buying Tools – Don’t get ripped off. Wait until you can afford the big pack. Buying items one at a time will make you not have enough tools to get all of the upgrades.

Always buy the big pack. Buying the small packs can cost you a fully upgraded main prize.

Daily Prize – In most events, you want to wait until you get a good daily prize. The Archaeology event has side events you need to get started on so don’t wait with this event.

Normally you wait for a good Daily Prize. Get started so you can get the Side Quests started.