Forge of Empires Math

The 1.9 thread is basically a way to level up your Great Building by borrowing forge points from people who have a level 80 Arc. A level 80 Arc pays 90% more for contribution rewards. So they can give 1.9 times the reward and they will get all of their forge points back when the Great Building levels. The term “locked” means the position cannot be stolen from the person as long as the pay 1.9 times the reward. It is important when the person lending you forge points puts their forge points on, they are locked. If not, the position could be stolen costing them thousands of forge points.

Picture 1: In the green bar, the number on the right is the total forge poibts to level. Spathiwa’s HC takes 1512 total forge points to level.
Picture 2: As shown in the picture, the base reward is 45 forge points for 3rd place.
3rd and 4th place have “Outsiders.” These are people who would like to take a position. Outsiders can steal a position if you are not careful. Together they have 41 forge points on the building. Make sure you add all the forge points Outsider have on it together and enter below.
Using the information from the above pictures, you would fill the form out like this.
This is what the results would be. The owner of the great building would add 56 forge points to it and would have a total of 572 on it. There would then be 1383 total forge points on it. The person taking 3rd would have to put 86 forge points on it to keep from getting their position which would be 1.9 times the rewards for 3rd.

Here is the form to calculate locking in a position: