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1992 Roadtrek 210 Independent (Nice Hotel)

I would love to say owning a van is free but I can’t. However, I can say it is a cheap way to vacation and live. Many people are giving up their standard foundation homes with plenty of yard to mow all weekend (EVERY weekend) to live a more minimalist life style. This is why TV shows like “Tiny House Nation” became so popular and there were many more like it. A nice van can solve a lot of problems. Lets face it, you likely need a vehicle to drive so why not make it your get away vehicle also. You save a ton of money on hotels when traveling. It is slightly longer than a standard van but it does fit into a standard parking spot. There is practically a Walmart everywhere and most of them will let you park in their parking lot overnight. Of coarse, you want to verify it is OK before staying overnight with the particular store you are at. I know it doesn’t sound as awesome as it actually is but think about it…… You don’t pay anything, there is Walmart near everything across the United States, and your “refrigerator” is Walmart. I always buy diner and snacks from where we stay which does cost money but I have to eat anyways. Walmart often cleans their bathrooms at night and there are not a lot of people around so you do have a bathroom if your van doesn’t have one. Just make sure your Van comfortably sleeps everyone. Mine sleeps two adults fine but add a child and a sleeping bag would be needed.

You can fit a lot of stuff into a small area! I an fixing up a 1992 Roadtrek 210 Independent. It only had 51,000 miles on it when I bought it. I am doing my best not to put a bunch of miles on this classic. It has a large bed that can convert into bench seating in the back, kitchen (Sink, Stove, Microwave, Mini Refrigerator, and pantry), a dining area in the front that seats 4, a bathroom, a shower, and storage for cloths above the bed. It has a hot water heater and a furnace that runs off a built in propane tank. It does have a very nice air conditioner to keep everyone comfortable. The outlets and all things electrical can be powered by plugging the van into a 30 amp outlet or you can use the onboard Onan 2800 generator.

I posted a few pictures of my van below. I highly recommend checking out getting your own venture machine!

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